I’m a Daydream Believer…

Oh yes I am! It really doesn’t take much to sweep me away into a really good daydream these days, it never really has if we are being honest. Usually it just takes a good book, that is usually how it has always been for me. I can be transported to the pages and time of just about any book I’m reading, I don’t become one of the characters that is in the book, no, I become another character for the book; or I become an onlooker who is just there to observe and not to participate at all.

When I write that is how I like it to be, I like to envision myself as a “ghost” in the story, just hanging around watching and listening as my characters interact with one another. Doing this helps me write conversations and actions that I feel would be more believable to the reader. I get sucked into the story line pretty quickly and well, I love that! I could hang out all day in a good story line and well, I have.

Another way that I daydream is when I meditate. Some people tell me that by doing this I’m meditating wrong, but well, it works for me so they can just shut it. (lol) I imagine myself somewhere quite and peaceful, usually a meadow or however I envision Scotland to look in the summer time and this is where I will imagine myself having a conversation with a loved one or a cherished friend who has already passed on. I can pour my heart and soul out to them and release all my troubles, thus unloading my mind at the same time. When I’m done and I “wake up” I usually feel more relaxed and even more stress free, it is amazing how a really good talk can cleanse the soul.

So, yes, I am a Daydream Believer…are you?


About steelworkerswife

I'm a mom, a wife (of an Indiana Steel Worker), and oh so much more. I am CEO and Chief Bottle Washer for my family, simply put means I do it all...but there is "help" from the Hubby and the Teen and once in a while from the manchild. I tend to blog/babble about whatever comes to my mind, it could be funny, emotionally distressed, a bit of both or just loopy and twisted as my brain forms it. LOL I truly have no rhyme or reason to how things are processed from my brain to my blog, I just kind of wing it most days. There are several things that you will NOT be able to doubt once you read my blog: 1) I love my crazy family 2) I may take a whole blog to get my point across, but at least I get there. lol 3) I will gush about my children in one instance and then in the other, I will sound like a complete whiner. LOL 4) NO MATTER how much I bitch and moan about my hubby, he is MINE and I would NEVER EVER change that or him. So, now that you know a bit more about me....scared yet? ;) Seriously, come on in, grab a drink of your choice, settle back and get to know me some more and let yourself become surrounded by "MINION LOVE". ;) *Minions are what we lovingly call our followers...ok, that kinda sounds all cultish and stuff, but it is a term used with Love and Respect. :) *

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