Thy name is Procrastination…

There. I said it. I am a HUGE procrastinator, but I’m not alone as Mr. Steel is too. No, this is not a good thing, a marriage with two procrastinators is HORRIBLE! To be honest with you, I have pretty much been a P’nator most of my life and am now, at the age of 44, regretting and being bitten in the arse all at the same time because of it. Mr. Steel has gotten worse over the last several years, it actually started to get bad once we moved into the house we are in now. *I blame moving into this house for A LOT of bad things, seriously.*

We have been wanting to buy our own home for years. At one point, about 10 years ago we had found out that all we had to do was clear up 4 things on Mr. Steels credit and we could get a loan through Sallie Mae…yes, the college loan people. BUT, then things happened. Mr. Steel had to have a couple of surgeries, My migraines got worse and I was not able to do much of anything for almost a year, we moved, we bought a vehicle that due to cutbacks in hours at Mr. Steel’s job we had to let go of and the list goes on.

Once I graduated from College with my Degree in Medical Assisting we decided that I would work and we would bank my pay checks and pay off debt with them, in hopes of being able to clear our credit within a year or two. Well, then my heart decided it was going to have more issues. UGH! By this time we had moved into the current house and I’m serious when I tell you, if you have doubts about moving into a home/apartment or whatever…LISTEN to your gut. (sigh) Anyway, I digress.

So, here we are 7 years into this house and we FINALLY got off our asses and started making inquiries about buying a home of our own. Come to find out, things are not as bad as we had thought. (YAY!) We still have a couple of things to clear off of Mr. Steel’s credit, but it is quite doable…within the next years time. (DOUBLE YAY!) So, what is the issue, you ask? Well…

Being excellent P’nators, both of us at this time, we have to force ourselves and keep on one another to get things DONE and NOW! I hate feeling like I’m being rushed and I hate even more that it is by my own doing. (smirk)

I KNOW it needs to get done and I KNOW that with Mr. Steel’s work schedule most of it will fall on my shoulders to get it done. I accept that, really I do. (grimace) There is a lot going on with us right now too and that does not help my anxiety one bit. Along with getting the credit sorted out we also have to get the Teen ready to graduate and that means being the “Mean Mom” for the next however long it takes to get her off her butt and do the damn work…OH! And make sure she turns it in. So as of right now she is slated to graduate in October. I pray this holds and it happens. (Please, pray for us.)

There is more that has been going on in our lives, but these things are at the top of the list for us. Man Child is doing well, he is working and paying bills and has a steady serious relationship going with a very nice young lady who also works and pays her bills. 🙂 Smoag, my grand-dragon, is doing quite well too. I hear he is growing A LOT and currently in the middle of shedding once again; he has been living at my parents home and my mom has become pretty proficient in feeding him and he has become a source of company to her, which I think is AWESOME. 🙂 I miss that dang dragon, really I do. (chuckles)

OK, that is it for an update on us. I have more to blog about, but the time is late and my pillow is calling my name. Plus, I have two fur-kids giving me the “come to bed, mama” look. 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed day.



About steelworkerswife

I'm a mom, a wife (of an Indiana Steel Worker), and oh so much more. I am CEO and Chief Bottle Washer for my family, simply put means I do it all...but there is "help" from the Hubby and the Teen and once in a while from the manchild. I tend to blog/babble about whatever comes to my mind, it could be funny, emotionally distressed, a bit of both or just loopy and twisted as my brain forms it. LOL I truly have no rhyme or reason to how things are processed from my brain to my blog, I just kind of wing it most days. There are several things that you will NOT be able to doubt once you read my blog: 1) I love my crazy family 2) I may take a whole blog to get my point across, but at least I get there. lol 3) I will gush about my children in one instance and then in the other, I will sound like a complete whiner. LOL 4) NO MATTER how much I bitch and moan about my hubby, he is MINE and I would NEVER EVER change that or him. So, now that you know a bit more about me....scared yet? ;) Seriously, come on in, grab a drink of your choice, settle back and get to know me some more and let yourself become surrounded by "MINION LOVE". ;) *Minions are what we lovingly call our followers...ok, that kinda sounds all cultish and stuff, but it is a term used with Love and Respect. :) *

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