You have what? What is that?

This woman is one hell of a woman! She is searching for answers and needs all our help in doing so. I pray someone out there reads it and can lead her in the right direction and SOON! So, please, my Minions, read her blog and if you know of anyone that might be able to help her please contact her directly and let her know. Thank you all so very much! HUGGELS!


When I was 2 and a half years old my sister, decided to take me on her bike when she went riding. So she puts me on the handle bars and expected nothing would happen. She was wrong. I slipped forward and somehow my foot was caught in the spokes and was broken, badly. Not long after, I fell in the kitchen and broke both legs and stayed in a body cast for 3 months. During this time my mom and dad became aware that my spleen was 3 times the size it was supposed to be and took me to the doctor.

And so the journey into medical hell began. After a lot of testing, biopsies and pain, it was determined that I have a very rare illness one that caused holes in my bones, fluid to build up around my heart and lungs, and caused my heart andโ€ฆ

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Secret Word Prompt Blog…Clue: I have lost it and I have found it, several times over


Yup, I am playing ‘Secret Word Prompt’ with some of my Bunker Punks and it is kind of amazing that I was given the word that I was given…randomly.

I was not sure if I was going to tell you my word, but the more I thought about it the more I thought I should, as it would make the blog make more sense…or so I think. So, here we go…

My Word Prompt is: HOPE

Hope. We all hope on and for so many things in our lives, through different stages of our lives. As I look back, to my childhood, it makes me laugh to think about the things I had hoped for through my younger years. All the toys I had hoped Santa would bring me, all the times I had hoped my parents would give me a sibling and all the times that I had hoped that my hair would one day turn curly. (it never has btw) As I grew into my teens my hopes turned from the childish to the mildly mature. I had hoped that I would graduate high school, be able to keep my scholarship to Law School, become a great lawyer, marry the great Soldier guy and be a wonderful mother…the kind I always wished I had. Well, I did graduate high school and I did finally graduate College and I am a wonderful mother and I finally married a great guy…but not in my time frame, but that if for a different blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was during my teenage years that I learned about lost hopes. I learned that life doesn’t always work out just because you “hope” it will. I learned that just because you have love in YOUR heart, it doesn’t mean it is in someone else’s. Dreams can be crushed and hope can be lost and it can feel like they are forever lost…especially when you have yet to reach your 21st birthday.

I learned, at an early age, not to put your hopes in someone else. I learned not depend on someone else to make your hopes a reality, that when you do that you will forever be disappointed. That is a very hard lesson to learn, especially when you are young, but it also gives you a hard smack of reality that you just may need to bring you back and to teach you how to keep your hopes for yourself.

When I was with my ex-husband I thought that he would/could make all my hopes a reality, but I was wrong. Through the many, oh so many beatings in the short time we were together, I kept hoping that things would change; again I was wrong. When I got pregnant with my son, I once again hoped that my husband would change and our life would get better and once again I was wrong. I started to lose hope. I spiraled into a depression so dark and full of hopelessness that I never thought I would come out of it. The only thing that I held onto was my unborn child, he was the one thing that I had hope for. Then came the last beating, the worst beating that I have ever had in my life. (It would also be the last beating that I would ever have in my life.) I was just 7 months pregnant and I was in labor, a labor that they couldn’t stop no matter how many drugs they gave me, so my son came into this world 2 months early and without a single cry or sound to be made. That was my moment, my moment of pooling all of my hope into one human being…my son.

The Doctors all suggested that if it was my plan, I should have him Baptized and soon as they didn’t see him living out the first 48 hours. So, I went down to the Hospital Chapel and made arrangements with the Priest to perform the ceremony later that day. I sat there, alone, in the Chapel after talking with the Priest and after years of not having anything to say to God, I had my say. I didn’t curse him like I had thought I would, I didn’t beg him or try to barter with him for my son’s life, I knew none of that would work. All I could think of was to ask that no matter what happened, whether or not my child lived or died, he would not allow my son to do so in pain. I told him that I hoped he knew that through all these years I had not really lost hope in him (God), but in myself. I wanted to push all the hope I had left in me to my son and give him whatever strength I had inside me to fight, to fight to survive.

I don’t know if you believe in Miracles or not, but I do. It’s hard not to look at my now almost 22 year old son and not believe in them. It was just 2 days later that the infection that was ravaging my sons body was gone, his Billirubin count was down to normal (it was up almost 10 times higher than normal at birth) and he was fighting. He was strong enough to pull his I.V. out and he was nursing again. Just 2 days after that, he was cleared to go home…the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, my son gave me back my hope.

I knew that day that even though I was returning to my home with my son and my husband that my son and I would not be there long, that I had a new found strength and hope and I owed it to my son and myself to build on that. I owed it to us to not let anyone tear it down, ever again. So, on Christmas Eve we had our way out and we took it. I brought my son back home to Indiana and started to build a new life for us here, among family and friends who helped us build up our hope and strength.

Since that time I have come so close to losing hope, but then I would look at my son and be reminded that there are things out there that are bigger than us and losing hope is NOT an option. Sure, I have been knocked down (figuratively) from time to time, but I have pulled myself up and moved on only to make things better.

I met a man that I will forever swear was a gift from God, I had a daughter after so many Doctors told me I never would carry a child again and I continue to deal with diseases on a daily basis that try my patience and my hope at every turn. BUT, because of my faith and my hope, I wake up every morning thankful for that morning. I am hopeful that one day I will wake up and not have to fight to move, that I will be able to go months without having to succumb to a migraine and that there will come a day that someone out there will have a cure for the diseases that I fight. Yes, I have so much more hope inside me than I ever thought possible.

We all fight battles that seem hopeless at times, but as long as we wake up and are able to breathe in a breath of air into our lungs, there is hope that those battles will be won. ย I used to take Hope for granted, I don’t anymore. Hope is precious. Hope is something that should be and needs to be nurtured every day.


Chivalry….Men vs Women or just good home raising?

OK, so here it is, my hottest topic to date: Is Chivalry sexist?

(I napped this topic off of the show, The View’s Hot Topic segment.)ย 

When I was younger, just a teenager, my dad sat me down and had a talk with me. No, not THE TALK, but a talk that more and more parents should have with their children, or so I believe. He sat me down and explained that even though I was a young lady it was important for me to be able to do things for myself, a man wasn’t 1) always going to be around to help and 2) (the most important one) A man is not a NEED in a woman’s life. Yup, he said it folks…A WOMAN DOES NOT NEED A MAN!!!! (Focus on the word NEED people) It was at that moment that my dad decided that there were certain things that I needed to know and he was determined to teach me…whether I liked it or not.

When I asked my dad WHY he was doing this to me (lol), his answer was simple: I want you to be able to go out into life and not have to rely on another human being for the basic essentials of life. OK then.

My dad made sure I could change a tire, check my oil and other fluids in the car, he made sure I could run a lawn mower (I am pretty sure that was not just for my benefit though. lol), I knew the hows and whys of how theย car ran and knew what to do when something went “off” on it. My dad made sure that I understood that nothing was a free ride, I didn’t get an allowance. No, chores were not a way to make money; chores were a way of doing what was expected of you as being a part of the family. But, if I wanted to go to the movies or something with my friends, I was hardly ever denied…as long as my chores were complete and up to their satisfaction. I was also treated fairly, not too much was “given” to me just because I didn’t have a penis. No, life wasn’t fair and wouldn’t go easy on me just because of the whole no penis thing, so neither would my parents.

As I got older and started to seriously date, my dad once again sat me down and said this to me:

“Lu, I know you have been raised to be independent and to be able to do things on your own and even though that is all good, there is something else you need to know…Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should have to do that something.” Yeah, this is where the confused look came over my face and he explained in a hurry…”You have every right to do for yourself and be independent, but you also have the right to be treated like a Lady and have some things done for you by the man in your life.”

AHHHHAH! I got it…finally! Just because I was a woman, didn’t mean that I couldn’t do for myself and because I was a woman who could do for herself, it didn’t mean that I always had to. (Dad is a GENIUS!) ๐Ÿ™‚

So, if enjoying it when a man (or anyone really) holds open my door, helps me with my coat or chair is wrong, I sure as hell don’t wanna be right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And, in turn, I also think it is just fine for a woman to hold a door for her man. (Or anyone for that matter) Why do things, simple things like manners, have to have someone trying to twist them into “zones”? ย Would someone dare say that having manners was sexist? NO! So, why is chivalry gotta be sexist? I am all for women’s rights people, but come on…this is taking it way beyond the limits of even my understanding. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, next time you are out with your significant other (or just a friend), hold that door for them, compliment their appearance and let them enjoy it. (I am pretty sure you will too)




Teens: Gay/Bi/Gender fluid/Trans Gender….real or just a fad?

OK, let me start this blog off with saying this: I have NOTHING against the LGBT community. I am a very big supporter of Gay Rights, which I feel are just Human Rights being twisted by those who think they can “eliminate” the Gay population.

Now, here is what I have been wondering and hoping someone can shed some light on it for me, maybe someone is going through something similar and boy! I sure can use some support here folks.

When the Teen (girl, 15) started the 6th grade she found out that one of her guy friends was gay. No real shocker there, we roll with that kind of stuff in our house. Anyway, between the 6th and 8th grade it seems like there was a boom in kids coming out as gay, bi-sexual, Gender Fluid or Trans Gender and it got me to thinking/wondering if this was a new “trend” or was there something to this.? I know that kids are being raised in a more tolerant/accepting way than they were in my day and I am all for that, but what made this boom happen?

We are a very open family, we talk about EVERYTHING…I mean, NO topic is off limits with us or our kids. We encourage them to ask questions and seek out answers as we want them well informed with the truth and not propaganda. Make sense? I sure hope so…Anyway, when the Teen entered high school (grade 9 here) she went to her dad and had a conversation that had her telling him about her girlfriend, “Amy” (no real names) and how they were dating. (I heard all this go down from my bedroom) Mr. Steel took it in stride, since we had already met Amy and had her over a few times in our home and I had already met her parents, there was not too much to ask about…except, when did she start liking girls in that way?. Of course, Mr. Steel didn’t ask THAT question, he left that one to me. lol So, the next morning, on the drive to school, I asked her if she was a lesbian. She didn’t miss a beat, she told me No, because she still found men attractive in a “sexual” way. (she did the air quotes. lol) She felt she was more bi-sexual, at that time.

So, here we are a little over a year later and she has decided that she has days where she is more male in her feelings than a woman and days where she finds herself more in a “female state of mind”. (again, her quote) She still likes to dress “girly”, but also has times where she prefers a more masculine tone to her wardrobe; which is why she recently bought herself a bra/binder to wear on her “boy days”. (A binder is like a sports bra, it holds the breasts in to the point of you can’t tell she has breasts. I know some athletes wear these too.) And, on these more “male” days she prefers to go by the name James. *this is the name she would have been given had she been born a boy*

I am not sure what I think right now. Part of me thinks that maybe she is just trying to find herself, find where she feels more comfortable with herself. Then, there is another part of me that wonders, just a bit, if this came about because so many of her friends (and other people in her age range) are coming out and she is just curious.? She met a young man, “Eve”, who prefers to be a female. She dresses as a female, even at school, the school is starting to recognize her as a girl now too. (Her parents, well, that is a whole other story.) I don’t want to stifle the Teen in any way, but I want her to make any and all decisions for the right reasons, not because it is the “trendy” thing to do. Am I making ANY sense here, at all?

I am so confused myself. She is not shy about it, she is even opening up more when around my parents and other family members, so we just follow her lead. She doesn’t announce it to everyone, so we don’t either. We feel that this is the best way to go about this, for now at least.

Honestly, we had thought for many years that it would be the man child to come out as gay. We had prepared ourselves for that day, but he surprised us and is totally a woman only kinda man. (his words on that subject)

I have talked to my “gusbands” (my gay husbands) about this and they encourage us to do just what we are doing and even they are starting to hear about and see more kids her age coming out more and more, and are wondering the same things I am. We don’t want to question her too much on this topic, we don’t ever want her to think we are judging her or not supportive of her, we will always support her in her life choices because that is what parents do.

I have just had this rattling around in my brain for a while now and I am not even sure if this blog came out right…but it sure feels good to “talk” to y’all about it and I would love feedback. (If you are going to spew negativity, don’t waste your time…honest opinions, I can deal with…not bashing.)

Thank you for reading and just being here as we walk this path with her and try to help her as much as we possibly can with whatever comes her way. โค


Why I may have to channel Madea…and ask for bail money…


So, I have nursed Mr. Steel through…

  • An Achilles tendon strain (He was in a cast for 2 weeks)
  • 2 shoulder repair surgeries (one on each arm 2 years apart from one another)
  • When we found out he was having mini strokes and he was home for a month
  • A gallbladder removal/double umbilical hernia repair
  • 6 months of physical therapy for his first shoulder surgery (and the workers comp nurse from HELL)
  • Heat stroke (off work for 3 months)
  • His heart attack right after the above mentioned heat stroke (off work for 4 more months)
  • The death of his mother
  • Another bout of heat stroke (out of work for 3 months)
  • Carpal Tunnel issues (he refused to get the shot and no surgery til he tries it)
  • Numerous bouts of the man flu

AND now he is having, what I think to be, sciatic nerve issues. I would GLADLY go through all the above again (except the death of his mother, would not wish that on anyone) to just not have to deal with the COMPLETE ASS he is being right now. I don’t know what it is about this situation that makes it worse/different from his other issues with pain and I really wish I could give him some relief from it, but since I cannot (and he is NOT taking any of MY advice), I really wish he would CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

*I did manage to get him an appointment with our Dr. one week from today….he refuses to see any other Dr. there or he would have gotten in sooner.*

I understand we all handle pain differently, I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis myself, but this man is going to drive me over the edge! One of 3 things will happen here soon….mark my words…..


1) He will do what I suggest and go to the ER to at least figure out what is going on

2) I will drive his ass down to the eldest daughter and let our grandson hold grandaddy Steel hostage while she (who is an RN in neuro trauma) convinces him to seek medical help.


3) I will go all Madea on him and end up needing bail money. (Murphy, I truly hope Goldy will make the trip down here and maybe between you, Tab and the rest of my yaya sisters can rustle up the bail money.)

He is beyond grumpy. He is biting all our heads off even over the simplest of things…like me offering to put muscle rub on him. He glared at me and said, “IF I WANT THE FUCKING SHIT ON ME I WILL PUT IT ON MYSELF!” LMAO I cannot help but laugh at this point….really, that is the only thing that is holding Madea back, my sense of humor.

As I said earlier, I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and I know I can be a grouch/bitch at times when it gets really bad, but I HAVE NEVER just blatantly yelled/cursed him out…maybe a nurse once or twice but damn that was after major surgery. LOL I know it is the pain and his lack of ability to control it. Oh! Did I fail to mention he has control issues when it comes to stuff like this? Yeah, Mr. Steel believes that he can control the situation when it comes to him being sick/hurt. It doesn’t matter how many other times that was proved WRONG. (See list above.) OMG….I do love that man of mine…I really do. (Another fact that is saving his soul from Madea right now.)

Ok, thanks for letting me get this all out of my system. You may have just saved my friends some bail money…until tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

Pray for me y’all…PRAY FOR ME! (Oh yeah, and for Mr. Steel and the Teen too.) ๐Ÿ™‚


Getting to know me…Original Bunker Punk style


I have decided to join in on the Original Bunker Punk Tour this time around, just for kicks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe to shine a little more light on the ‘ol blog here too, but mainly I am doing it because it sounds like a hell of a lot of FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are some questions that they asked and I answered…truthfully, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When you are done here you should really go on over and check out the OBP page and the other blogs on Tour. There are some AWESOMETASTIC bloggers joining in on the OBP Tour and you don’t wanna miss out!

OK, onto the questions…..

Original Bunker Punks: What is your most prized possession?

This is a hard one. You know how once you are an addict, even after you stop doing the drug? Well, then I am a recovering hoarder in progress. I have some things that I have carried with me for YEARS, before kids even, but they are locked up in a box as not to get “ruined”…like the shawl my great grama made over 100 years ago now. BUT, the one thing that I do display that I am VERY proud of…well 2 things…are 1) my College Degree and 2) The notice that I made the Presidents list in College. ๐Ÿ™‚

OBP: How do you unwind after a long day?ย 

I enjoy sitting down and watching my favorite news program and getting some crochet time in, when I can.

OBP: What is one song that has followed you throughout your whole life?

ONE? Just ONE? ๐Ÿ˜‰ The first song that I can remember my mom and my Aunts singing to me (and they still sing to this day when they are together) is The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. There are other songs that bring up memories (good and bad), but this one only brings a smile to my face each time I hear it.

OBP:ย If you could give one piece of advice to new bloggers in your field, what would it be?

Just. Write.

Those two little words are what got me writing and I don’t think you have to have a “platform” to write a blog or to write period. Just put yourself out there to the extent of YOUR comfort, not anyone else’s.

Original Bunker Punks: Now that youโ€™re famous, we need a quote from you.

I have a couple favorite quotes. One that comes in handy when the kids/grandkids are going at each other is:

“I am here to observe, not participate.”

And my other favorite one is:

“Put your big girl panties on and just deal with it.”

Christmas “Firsts”….Power Rangers, Love and Remembrance….

Sitting here, writing my status report for the page, has me thinking about a lot of Christmas “Firsts” that have happened over the years, so I thought I would share some with you.

The first time that the man child had proof positive (in his eyes) that Santa was real…it was the Christmas of 1995, he was 3. That whole year the kid had been asking for a Thomas the Tank Engine train set, he was enamored with trains, so my parents went out and found him one for Christmas. The kid and I were living up in Northern Michigan at the time, so my parents came up and brought him his present and stuck it under the tree for Christmas Morning. Two days before Christmas I took him to see Santa and he jumped right up on the fat guys lap and said, “I want a yellow Power Ranger!”. Yeah, THAT just happened! I was FRANTIC! I shook my head at Santa and prompted him to ask again, but the kid stated the same thing, “Yellow Power Ranger, PLEASE!”. So, I dropped the kid off at my Aunt’s house and a cousin or two and I took off for Traverse City to find this Yellow Power Ranger for the kid. We hunted EVERYWHERE, but could not find a yellow P.R., we found every other color…of course. Well, I worked in retail at a small grocery/every thing else kind of store and on Christmas eve a friend (who worked in the toy dept) called me in my dept and told me, “I have a YELLOW!”…no need to explain to me what that meant. LOL She put it aside and I picked it up when my shift ended. I didn’t bother with wrapping it up, I just put that Yellow Power Ranger right IN the tree! ๐Ÿ™‚ In the morning I heard the kid get up, heard him run into the living room and then I heard this: “MAMA! HE REMEMBERED! He IS real! HE remembered!!!!” and then he came running in with the Yellow guy held tightly to his chest with the biggest smile on his face. THAT was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. ๐Ÿ™‚

With the Teen I remember her little plaid Christmas night gown with matching cap, both trimmed in lace. It has been a tradition to get new jammies every Christmas and I do try to find her a plaid night gown…but that has gotten harder as she has grown older. This year, a few months ago, my mama found her one! ๐Ÿ™‚ The Teen has never had issues with believing in Santa, she will tell you to this day she believes, although now she will tell you that is because SHE is Santa. LOL

The first Christmas Mr. Steel joined us was the year that the Teen wanted a Barbie Dream house, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We had looked all year, had friends and family looking all year, but never could find one or get to the store in time to catch one still on the shelf. Well, it was just days before Christmas and we went to a store for something for the car and there it was. THE dream house of Barbie AND it was on sale! (a nice perk) Thing was the Teen (then 6) was with us, so Mr. Steel and I hatched a plan before she could see it. I acted like I was sick and had to go to the car and of course I had to take her with me. Mr. Steel and the man child got that house out to the car, into the car and into the house without her seeing…to this day that amazes me. LOL When she opened that house up on Christmas morning, Mr. steel says, that will forever be etched in his memory…the look of adoration on her face as he and her took it out and put it together…with her supervising every step of the way. LOL

We had no clue that the first Christmas we spent as husband and wife would also be the last Christmas we would have with his mama. I made her a crocheted blanket that year, she had admired one I made for our eldest daughter, and I made it in her favorite colors. The kids got her a “grama” coffee mug as she was a coffee addict from way back. LOL We were not there with her when she opened our gifts, but I was told that she wouldn’t put the blanket down and dumped her cup of coffee out and got a fresh cup in her new mug. The next year was full of hospital stays and dialysis for my mother-in-law, she took that blanket with her to every dialysis appointment and cried with grief when she dropped that mug and it shattered because her hands shook too bad.

Even though some of these memories are filled with sadness, I still sit here and smile as I think of them. I treasure each and every “first” more than any gift I have ever gotten.

From our home to yours,


Christmas Memories…The Red Dress

I was over at Punk Rock Papa’s blog and his blog (which is REALLY good) got me to thinking of past Christmas’ and the memories that I still carry with me. So, here I am sharing them with you all.


Christmas Memory #1…the Red Dress

I remember being about 4 or so and we were living up in Northern Michigan at the time, just me and my mama. Before Christmas my mama and I were out “window shopping”, because it was the only shopping my mama could afford to do that Christmas…I never knew that until years later. Anyway, I digress, we were walking around and looking at all the pretties in the shop windows when a “fancy” red dress caught my eye. I HAD to go in and look at it….I HAD TO! My mom, being the realist she is, explained that we could go in and look, but there would be NO buying of ANYTHING…I, of course, agreed. Remember, I HAD to see that dress!? So, we went in and mama let me look at it, she let me touch it (that was HUGE for me) and then, after some nudging from the sales lady, mama took me to the fitting room to try it on. YUP! TRY IT ON! I was in LOVE with this dress. It was red and long and it was PERFECT! I think I may have started to cry when mama told me that I had to take it off…not sure, but hey, I was 4, so there were probably tears of some form.

I NEVER forgot about that dress, but I never said anything again to anyone about it. I knew that it was never going to happen. Then mama took me to see Santa, I figured this was my chance and I told him about the red dress and I asked him for a new doll. (I was 4! LOL)

Come Christmas eve it had been snowing all day and up in Northern Michigan, when I say it snowed…it SNOWED! We had gone to church that night and then mama put me to bed. She was up a bit later, making sure I had a stocking to wake up to…it was full of yummy goodies and again, knowing my mama, most were probably hand made…which I was and still am not bothered by.

Christmas morning came and again, SNOW! The car was covered, but we were going to spend Christmas with family, so mama went out to warm it up and sweep off all the snow. She came back in and she was crying. I remember this part perfectly, because she was crying. In her arms were 3 boxes (maybe 2…memory is foggy here) and she told me they were for me! Santa had left them in our car! I remember sitting down and opening the smaller box(es) first and inside were my dollies! Then, carefully, I opened the larger box. I remember all the white tissue paper and peeling it back toย reveal the RED DRESS! When I jumped up with excitement my mama cried even harder. She kept telling me that they were “happy tears”. I thought she was happy because Santa came. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, it wasn’t until years later that she told me what had happened when she went out to the car, the LOCKED and snow covered car. The snow was fresh and deep (it had stopped snowing during the night) and the car was covered and the car was LOCKED! She uncovered the car, unlocked the car and got in to start it up when she noticed the boxes laying on the back seat of the car. She said that she got out and looked around for foot prints, but there were none. She had the ONLY key to the car, so no one could have gotten in.

To this day, almost 40 years later, we still do not know who put those gifts in our car. The only explanation is: SANTA! ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas and Bright Blessings to you all,

The Steel Workers Wife and Family

So, did I do a good thing?…

Well, as most of you know, the man child was engaged earlier this year and the ring that he gave her (which was the one her dad gave her mom) has since broke/lost stones, so the fiance’ is without an engagement ring. And, since man child is working and paying all the bills right now, he cannot afford to buy her one. SO, here is what I did….

I have been going through my jewelry and have noticed I have a lot that I don’t wear…I am not really a “jewelry” type of person. I have 1 or 2 go to necklaces that I wear and I wear my wedding ring or my 5 yr anniversary ring…and maybe some earrings, IFย  I remember to put some on. LOL Anyway, I digress, here I was laying in bed later that night and it HIT ME! I have a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring that Mr. Steel bought me several years ago, which I really do not wear. It is not super expensive, but it isn’t a cheap piece of jewelry either. I thought long and hard about it and I called the man child to ask him if it would fit the fiance’ and if he would be interested in giving it to her for Christmas. I half expected him to tell me no, that he was not interested or that he didn’t like the idea or something like that, but he surprised me. He was near tears from my offer and he is excited because now he feels that he will be able to propose all over again, but with his family there this time…which he said makes it “More right and legit”.

So, I offered to get a ring box for it (the one it came in is long gone) and wrap it up for him, so it is already wrapped when we gather on Christmas morning at my parents house. I told him that since I know that they both are not into “traditional” things that I thought this ring would be perfect for her…and I guessed that we wore the same size in rings. I am so happy that he likes the idea. I also told him that he didn’t have to tell her it was mine, if he didn’t want to. I was going to leave that up to him. I, personally, have no problem her knowing it was mine. I feel that it may make her see that we do accept her as his future wife if she were to know where it came from and that it was something that Mr. Steel bought for me out of love. ๐Ÿ™‚

He did ask me not to tell my parents about it, he wanted it to be a surprise for them on Christmas…BUT, knowing my mom the way I do, I knew that if I didn’t give her ample time to prepare herself and to be camera ready, she would have been a bit miffed. LOL OH, and since my dad’s view on engagements is: “If she doesn’t have a ring on her finger, it’s not official.”, I told mom NOT to tell Dad…to let him be surprised. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She agreed and is now plotting ways to make sure that it all gets captured on video. LMAO (She is a planner…LOL)

So, do you think I did a good thing here? How would you feel if your future hubby gave you a ring that belonged to his mother? I did this all out of love, which I know the man child knows and understands. I guess I am just a bit worried about how HER mom is going to respond to this all…you know what I mean? Not that I honestly give a rats ass how she responds, but knowing how their relationship is already (mom and future DIL), I worry about her mom making her feel less about it. Do you understand what I am trying to say? My brain just popped out for a bite, I guess. LOL


It is NOT a tumor…or a pinched nerve…or a stroke…



OK, so y’all may remember when I had to take Mr. Steel into the Emergency Room for his hand and they diagnosed it as carpal tunnel a month back, right? (If not, then now you know what is going on with his hand. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So, anyway, this has been going on for several months actually, but just about a month since the diagnosis.

At first Mr. Steel was good with the diagnosis, and then his brain went into over drive and let me tell you this: THAT IS NEVER A GOOD THING! Why, you ask? Well, let me explain…

Since the diagnosis was made I have heard this from Mr. Steel (in exact order):

1. I think I have a pinched nerve from my surgery 5 years ago (Rotator Cuff repair)

2. I think I have had a stroke (Let me be crystal clear, I am 100% positive he did NOT have a stroke and so are the Dr’s.)

3. NO ONE else I know who has carpal tunnel is having the issues I am having (Don’t bother…I have already told him several thousand times that no two bodies are the same…I am done wasting my breath.)

4. I seriously think I had a stroke (insert me saying I will take him to see the Dr to rule it out yet again…and him saying “No”)

5. I am going to call K and see what she says it is (K is our eldest daughter who is also a Neuro Trama and Neuro ICU RN and she btw said it sounded like carpal tunnel. LOL)

6. It HAS to be a pinched nerve (UGH!)

7. Well, so and so I at work had the exact same issues I am having, she had the shot and it lasted 2 years and she just had BOTH hands done surgically…So, I think I MAY go and have the shot.

Yup, and these were not said just once. OH NO! I have been hearing these, in order, since 3 days after he was diagnosed in the ER. I love him and he is lucky I love him, because I was so ready to just ship him to our eldest daughter and let her “deal” with him. LMAO (Seriously)

When we first got together and for the first couple of years of our marriage he would “down play” an illness or injury, but lately he has been going over board on the mind trips. I don’t know if it is because he has reached the “magical” age of 62 or what the hell is going on, but I really wish he would STOP! He used to take my advice and be ok with it, and just for the record, my advice was 99.8% right on with what the Dr. would say. (I didn’t make Dean’s List for nothing…I tell him this often. LOL) But, since he hit 60 he started doubting me…and now that 62 has been reached he is just out right defiant. LOL

When he called K and asked her about his “illness” she first asked him what does Ma think it is? THEN she asked him what the Dr. said it was. LMAO Now, before he even had his first rotator cuff (left shoulder) repaired in 2007, I had been on him to get checked for carpal tunnel, but he kept putting it off and then he was injured and had to have surgery on his roator cuff. And then 2 years later he had the other one repaired, so I had let the whole carpal tunnel thing slip to the back of my mind…Bad Mrs. Steel! LOL

Well, so here we are now…I will be calling the orthopedic in the morning to schedule his shot and to talk to the good Dr. about checking out his other hand while he is there. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  And, since I am NOT stupid (just a little bit crazy), I will NOT be telling Mr. Steel about that part. LMAO

Now, do you all see WHY I am the way that I am? LMAO



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